After graduating in 1988, I became an illustrator,  specialising in watercolour, illustrating for magazines, advertising campaigns and books. For many years I have illustrated for the publications of IPC magazines, for example, “19” magazine (horoscopes) and “Woman’s Realm” ( both fiction and cookery). Other publications I have illustrated for include “BBC Good Food” , “Country Homes and Interiors”, “Nursing Times”, “Best”  and “Somerset and Avon Life”.

In addition I have illustrated for many advertising campaigns, for example, Tesco food leaflets.

Also, I illustrated Chapman Pincher’s book, “ One Dog and Her Man” published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 1991 (book cover and inside illustrations) and the same year joined Reading Adult College as a part time art tutor. Later, this was renamed as Reading Adult and Community College and today is known as  New Directions where I still currently teach. In 1992, I also started teaching at Newbury College where I have continued to teach for many years.

In 2012 I began teaching my private drawing and painting art courses. Personally, I get immense satisfaction from teaching people to draw and paint, from complete beginners to the more experienced artists who wish to improve their knowledge and skills.

Generally, I believe that anybody can learn to draw and paint regardless of background and experience. Although there are people who seem to be able to draw quite effortlessly , I think drawing is a skill which can be acquired with tuition and practice. If the motivation is there most people can learn to draw accurately, once they realise that drawing is first and foremost about seeing.

Painting is also a skill students wish to learn which is why I cover the techniques of painting as well as drawing in my courses. Many students desire to master watercolour, with its fluidity and freshness.  Pastel is unique in that it is a drawing and painting medium. This medium’s malleability and richness of colour invite a painterly approach  and is rapidly becoming one of the most favoured painting media, vying with watercolour for popularity and I include this medium in my courses also.

Moreover, acrylic painting is another painting medium to be explored. The fact that acrylics dry very quickly and that you can overpaint as much as you like also make them a popular choice.